Appearance of the Sign of the Cross

07-05-2016 All day
Repeat every year in May on the same day until 07-05-2020

Commemoration of the Precious Cross that appeared in the sky over Jerusalem in 351 AD


On May 7 in 351 AD, not long after Cyril had succeeded Maximos as Archbishop of Jerusalem, during the reign of Constantios, the son of Saint Constantine the Great, on the day of Pentecost, the sign of the Cross appeared over Jerusalem. St Cyril, in his letter to the Emperor Constantios, says, “At about the third hour of the day, an enormous Cross, formed of light, appeared in the heaven above holy Golgotha and reaching to the holy Mount of Olives. being seen not by one or two only, but manifest with perfect clarity to the whole multitude of the city; not, as one might suppose, rushing swiftly past in fancy, but seen openly above the earth many hours in plain sight, and overcoming the beams of the sun with its dazzling rays” (PG 33:1 16q).

Apolytikion of Appearance of the Sign of the Cross in the First Tone

The image of Your Cross at this time shone brighter than the sun, when You spread it out from the holy Mount of Olives to Calvary; and in making Your might plain, which is therein, O Saviour You did also thereby strengthen the faithful. Keep us always in peace, by the intercessions of the Theotokos, O Christ our God, and save us.

Kontakion of Appearance of the Sign of the Cross in the Fourth Tone

Making its rays to shine above in the heavens, the spotless Cross dawned on the earth, bright with splendour; for it had opened Heaven, which was shut of old. Granted the effulgence of its divine operation, we are surely guided to the unwaning resplendence. In battles we possess it as a true weapon of peace and a trophy invincible.


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