Martin of Rome
George the New Martyr

13-04-2016 All day
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Martin the Confessor, Pope of Rome

Martin_the_Confessor,_Pope_of_RomeSt Martin was born in Tuscany. He had been the papal delegate at Constantinople; upon the death of Pope Theodore, St Martin was elected his successor. At this time the Emperor Constans II, also known as Constantine Pogonatus (reigned 641-668 AD), was seeking support of his confession of faith called the Typos, which espoused the Monothelite heresy, that is, that there is only one will and energy in the Incarnate Son of God. However, the newly consecrated Pope not only did not accept the Typos, but convened the Lateran Council of 649 (attended by 105 of his Bishops, and St Maximos the Confessor, who was then in Rome), which anathematized the Typos and the Monothelite heresy. Because of this, St Martin was seized by an imperial force in 653 AD and brought to Constantinople, where he was charged with sending money to the Saracens and conspiring with them, and blaspheming against the most holy Mother of God. Though innocent of these accusations, he was exiled to Cherson on the Black Sea, where, after many sufferings and privations, he received the crown of his courageous confession in the year 655 AD.

Dismissal Hymn (Fourth Tone)

O God of our Fathers, ever dealing with us according to Your gentleness, do not take Your mercy from us, but by their entreaties guide our life in peace.

Kontakion (Plagal of Fourth Tone)

O High Priest and teacher of mysteries, you poured forth streams of doctrine, you expounded the true theology that Christ has two natures and wills. Intercede for those who cry, “Rejoice, blessed Father Martin”.


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