Martyr Probus & Companions
Symeon the New Theologian

12-10-2015 All day
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Probus, Andronicus, & Tarachus, Martyrs of Tarsus

Martyrs Provos, Andronicus, TarachosHoly Martyrs Provos, Tarachos, and Andronicus contested for Christ during the reign of Diocletian, in the year 296 or 304 AD. Tarachos was advanced in years, of Roman birth, and had been a soldier; Provos was from Side in Pamphylia, and Andronicus from Ephesus. They were taken together in Cilicia and subjected to manifold exceedingly cruel tenures. Taracos was beaten on his cheeks and neck with stones, his hands were burned, he was hanged on a post and smoke was put underneath him to choke him; vinegar was forced down his nostrils; after enduring further tortures, he was carved to pieces. Provos was thrashed with whips, his feet were burned with red hot irons, his back and sides were pierced with heated spits; finally he also was cut up with knives, and received the crown of martyrdom. Andronicus suffered similar tortures, and finished his course being cut to pieces, commending his soul into the hands of God.

Dismissal Hymn (Plagal of Third Tone)

The heavenly powers were amazed at the triumph of the holy martyrs Provos, Tarachos, and Andronicus. For having fought the good fight with their mortal bodies, they conquered bodiless enemies by the power of the Cross. Now they intercede with the Lord that He may save our souls.

Kontakion (Second Tone)

The brave warriors of Christ, those Martyrs noble and divine, have shown to us the glory of the Trinity. For brave Provos, Tarachos and Andronicus have convicted all of the tyrants’ ungodliness, for they have contested nobly for the Faith.


Symeon the New Theologian

St_Symeon_The_New_Theologian2Saint Symeon became a monk of the Studite Monastery as a young man, under the guidance of the elder Symeon the Pious. Afterwards he struggled at the Monastery of Saint Mamas in Constantinople, of which he became abbot. After enduring many trials and afflictions in his life of piety, he reposed in 1022. Marvelling at the heights of prayer and holiness to which he attained, and the loftiness of the teachings of his life and writings, the church calls him “the New Theologian.” Only to two others, John the Evangelist and Gregory, Patriarch of Constantinople, has the church given the name “Theologian.” Saint Symeon reposed on March 12, but since this always falls in the Great Fast, his feast is kept today.

Apolytikion of Simeon the New Theologian in the Third Tone

Since thou hadst received within thy pure soul God’s enlightenment, O righteous Father, thou wast shown to the world as a blazing light which drave away its thick darkness and moved all men to seek the grace of the Spirit which they had lost. O all-holy Father Symeon, intercede with Him to grant great mercy unto us who honour thee.

Kontakion of Simeon the New Theologian in the Third Tone

Shining with the Three-Sun Light, thou wast a true theologian of the Holy Trinity, the Lord divinely-transcendent; from on high, thou wast made rich with wisdom of discourse and didst pour forth the divine streams of godly wisdom; whereof having drunk, we cry out: Rejoice, thrice-blessed Symeon, taught from above.


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