Martyr Leontios of Syria & Companions

18-06-2016 All day
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Leontius, Hypatius and Theodulus, the Martyrs of Syria

leontius_bishop_of_neapolis_cyprusSaint Leontios was from Greece. Being of great bodily stature and strength, he was an illustrious soldier in the Roman legions who had won many victories, and was known for his prudence and sobriety of mind. When it was learned that he gave grain to the poor from the imperial stores, and was moreover a Christian, Hadrian the Governor of Phoenicia sent Hypatios, a tribune, and Theodoulos, a soldier, to arrest him. Saint Leontios converted them on the way to Tripolis in Phoenicia, where Hypatios and Theodoulos were tormented and beheaded by Hadrian for their confession of Christ. Then Hadrian with many flatteries and many torments strove to turn Leontios from Christ. All his attempts failing, he had Leontios put to such tortures that he died in the midst of them, under Vespasian in the year 73 AD.

Dismissal Hymn (Fourth Tone)

You Martyr, O Lord, in his courageous contest for You received the prize of the crowns of incorruption and life from You, our immortal God. For since he possessed Your strength, he cast down the tyrants and wholly destroyed the demons’ powerless presumption. O Christ God, by his prayers, save our souls, since You are merciful.

Kontakion (Third Tone)

You wholly put to shame the tyrants’ wicked opinions and mightily rebuked the Greeks’ ungodly religion; with the doctrines of true reverence, you shined godly knowledge for all men, O wise Leontios, you most godly-minded Martyr; wherefore with longing we keep your memory today.


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