Quadratus the Apostle
Prophet Jonah

21-09-2015 All day
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St Quadratus the ApostleSt Quadratus was a Disciple of the Apostles, and became Bishop of Athens. According to the Synaxaristes, he contested for the Christian faith in the year 117 AD, in the reign of Hadrian (117-138 AD), but according to others, in the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AD).

Dismissal Hymn (Third Tone)

O Holy Apostle Quadratus, intercede with the merciful God that He grant to our souls forgiveness of offences.

Kontakion (Plagal of the Fourth Tone)

As a most honoured hierarch and athlete of great fortitude, the world offers Apostle Quadratus to You, O Lord most merciful; as with hymns it honours his all-venerable memory, it asks of You through him to grant forgiveness of failings to them that sing his praise.