Martyr Vasilikos, Bishop of Comana

22-05-2016 All day
Repeat every year in May on the same day until 22-05-2020

VasilikosSaint Vasilikos the Martyr was from the city of Amasia on the Black Sea, and a nephew of Saint Theodore the Tyro (commemorated February 17). When his fellow Martyrs Eutropius and Cleonicus had been crucified (commemorated March 8), Vasilikos was shut up in prison. As he was praying the Lord to count him also worthy to finish his course as a martyr, the Lord appeared to him, telling him first to go to his kinsmen and bid them farewell, which he did. When it was learned that he had left the prison, soldiers came after him, and brought him to Comana of Cappadocia, compelling him to walk in iron shoes set with nails. He was beheaded at Comana, and his body was cast into the river, during the reign of Diocletian (284-305 AD).

Dismissal Hymn (Fourth Tone)

Your martyr, O Lord, in his courageous contest for You received the prize of the crowns of incorruption and life from You, our immortal God. For since he possessed Your strength, he cast down the tyrants and wholly destroyed the demons’ powerless presumption. O Christ God, by his prayers, save our souls, since You are merciful.


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