Martyr Akindynos & Companions
Martyrs Domnina, Domna & Kyriaki

02-11-2015 All day
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The Holy Martyrs Akindynos, Pegasios, Aphthonios, Elpidephoros, and Anempodistos of Persia

Akindynos,_Pegasios,_Aphthonios,_Elpidephoros,_&_Anempodistos_of_PersiaThese Martyrs contested in Persia about the year 330, in the reign of Sapor (Shapur) II, King of Persia (325-379). Akindynos, Pegasios, and Anempodistos, Persian Christians, confessed Christ before the King, and were put to many torments. Aphthonius and Elpidephoros, drawn to the Faith of Christ through the Martyrs, were beheaded with another 7000. Saints Akindynos, Pegasios, and Anempodistos were at last burned to death. Two churches were dedicated in their honour in Constantinople. As is often the case in church hymns, there is a play on the meanings of the Saints’ names here. Akindynos means “unimperilled”; Pegasios is derived from pegazo (“to gush forth”); Aphthonios is derived from aphthonos (“abundant”); Elpidephoros means “hope-bearing”; Anempodistos means “unhindered”. These are all Greek translations of their Persian names.

Dismissal Hymn (Second Tone)

Blessed is the earth that drank your blood, O prizewinners of the Lord, and holy are the tabernacles that received your spirit; for in the stadium ye triumphed over the enemy, and you proclaimed Christ with boldness. Beseech Him, we pray, since He is good, to save our souls.

Kontakion (First Tone)

As five unerring stars of the great Sun of Glory, the soldiers of Christ God brightly shone on the whole earth, dispelling the gloom of passions and pouring abundant grace on all of the faithful without cease and unhindered; and they grant salvation that no sin can imperil, through hope that is full of faith.