Symeon & Anna

03-02-2016 All day
Repeat every year in February on the same day until 03-02-2020

The Synaxis of the Holy and Righteous Symeon the God-Receiver and the Holy Prophetess Anna

Symeon_the_God-Receiver-finalYesterday we celebrated the Meeting of our Lord in the Temple; today we honour the righteous Elder Symeon the God-Receiver and Prophetess Anna, who prophesied concerning Him by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and were the first in Jerusalem to receive Him as the Messiah.

Dismissal Hymn of the Feast

Rejoice, you who are full of grace, O Virgin Theotokos, for from you has risen the Sun of Righteousness, Christ our God, enlightening those in darkness. Rejoice, you also, O righteous Elder, as you received in your arms the Redeemer of our souls, Who also grants to us the Resurrection.

Kontakion of the Feast

You Who sanctified the Virgin’s womb by Your birth, and blessed Symeon’s hands as was proper. Having now come and saved us, O Christ God, grant us peace in the midst of wars on Your commonwealth and strengthen the Hierarchs whom You love, O only friend of man.


Afterfeast of the Presentation of Our Lord and Savior in the Temple

The_Presentation_of_Our_Lord_And_Savior_in_The_Temple-finalApolytikion of Afterfeast of the Presentation in the First Tone

Hail Virgin Theotokos full of Grace, for Christ our God, the Sun of Righteousness, has dawned from you, granting light to those in darkness. And you, O Righteous Elder, rejoice, taking in your arms, the Deliverance of our souls, who grants us Resurrection.


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