St. Basil’s aims to provide the best possible quality aged care services within a culturally appropriate environment that enhances the dignity, independence and quality of life of all residents in its care. In doing so, the work environment will value bilingual and bicultural knowledge, skills and understanding.

Our vision
St. Basil’s Homes will continue to provide quality aged care services and expand to include:
• palliative care facilities;
• hospice;
• respite;
• day care centres; and
• home care support services.

These services are responsive to, and inclusive of the needs of the aged from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Our philosophy
The ministry of St. Basil the Great is reflected in the work of St. Basil’s Homes, which believes that all people regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, gender and age are entitled to high quality aged care. St. Basil was born in Asia Minor in the 4th Century. As Bishop, he preached and practiced the scriptural command of charity, establishing and supporting various philanthropic and welfare institutions, and comforting and caring for the sick, the needy and the elderly. He spoke out on issues of social justice, poverty and prejudice.

St. Basil’s Homes believes in:
• The dignity, independence and self determination of the individual.
• The provision of quality care in a culturally and linguistically appropriate environment.
• The right of the individual to be respected and valued by their carers, family and community.
• The right of the individual to involve family and community in the planning and provision of their care.
• The right of the individual to have access to information which allows choice in their care provision.
• The right of the individual to confidentiality of personal information and records.

St. Basil’s Homes is committed to:
• Treating all residents as valued individuals with specific needs and interests and preferences.
• Providing a residential environment which reflects the diversity of its residents and their communities.
• Providing a work environment in which the employment, day to day management and administrative policies and practices value and affirm the cultural and linguistic diversity of the residents and staff.
• Ensuring that appropriate mechanisms are in place for residents to exercise their rights, including the provision or dispute resolution.
• Implementing the Commonwealth Residents Charter of Rights .
• Supporting the individual in exercising their choice to involve family and community in the planning and provisions of their care.
• Wherever possible, providing information and services in the language of the resident.
• Ensuring that confidentiality is maintained on all issues related to the resident’s personal information and records.

Head Office & Self Care Units
130 Croydon St, LAKEMBA 2195, (02) 9784 3200

Hellenic Village
29H Wandella Road, Miranda, N.S.W. 2228
Ph: (02) 8543 2000 Fax: (02) 9525 5044

St Basils Nursing Home
130 Croydon St, LAKEMBA 2195, (02) 9784 3200

Lourantos Village (Hostel)
300 Haldon St, LAKEMBA 2195, (02) 9784 3240

Sister Dorothea Village (Hostel)
252 Johnston St, ANNANDALE 2038, (02) 9818 2744

Seniors Day Care Centre (Respite Care / Socialisation)
& Age Care at Home (Inner West)
130 Croydon St, LAKEMBA 2195, (02) 9784 3280

Seniors Day Care Centre (Respite Care / Socialisation)
& Age Care at Home (South East)
29H Wandella Road North Miranda NSW 2228, (02) 8543 2040

The Grove – Randwick
57-63 St Pauls Street, Randwick NSW 2031, Tel: 1300 368 131

St. Basil’s Homes (Hostel)
24-36 Lorne Street, Fawkner, Vic. 3060
Tel.: (03) 9358 4444, Fax: (03) 9357 1677

Aegean Village
(Nursing Home, Hostel and Independent Living Units)
Morton Road, Christie Downs, SA 5164
Ph (08) 7424 0900

St. Basil’s Nursing Home, St. Peters
9 Winchester Street, St. Peters, SA 5069
Ph (08) 7424 0900

St. Basil’s Croydon Park Hostel
83-93 Regency Road, Croydon Park, SA 5008
Ph (08) 7424 0900

St. Nicholas Nursing Home
19 Hampstead Rd, Highgate Hill, Qld 4101
Tel.: (07) 3844 6063, Fax: (07) 3846 7344

St. Nicholas Nursing Home
14 Appel St., Highgate Hill, Qld 4101
Tel.: (07) 3846 3644, Fax: (07) 3846 7344

St Basil’s Aged Care Services
390 Charles St., North Perth, W.A. 6006
P.O.BOX 254, Northbridge, WA 6865
Tel.: (08) 9201 9655, Fax: (08) 9201 9644