Australian Byzantine Choir

The choir in its present form was established by George Combis, Protopsaltis of the Church of All Saints, Belmore, Sydney in 1998. The choir is based in Sydney Australia and it consists of 22 young Greek-Australians, devoted to the dissemination and study of our musical tradition. With the blessing of His Eminence the Archbishop of Australia Stylianos and the continuous efforts of its choirmaster late Mr. George Combis, the choir has chanted in many church services and has appeared at places and festivals such as Sydney Festival, Australia Day, St Andrews and St. Mary’s cathedrals, Sydney University, Enmore theatre, Carnivale Christi and many others including invited appearances in Melbourne and Brisbane. The new choirmaster is Mr. Asterios Zouriakas.

The work of the choir, other than its regular concert appearances is multi-faceted. Firstly it trains our young chanters to appropriately take up places at the analogion (psalteri) of each parish. In the past it has run seminars covering various aspects of Byzantine chant and hymnology. It also takes part at celebratory services such a vigils, sacraments and parish feast celebrations. And finally, it performs charity work, to aid the community in this respect as well. Most of Sydney’s young chanters are members of the Australian Byzantine Choir.

The choir has published a number of studio and live CDs which are for sale to aid the work of the choir.

Australian-Byzantine-Choir-Sydney final

For any enquiries please contact the Director
Mr Asterios Zouriakas 

The Byzantine Ecclesiastical Choir “Saint John of Damascus”

The Byzantine Ecclesiastical Choir in Adelaide “Saint John of Damascus” was established in 1994 by the music teacher and Head Chanter Mr Ilias Fragoulis, who is also the choir-master of the choir. At the same time, he also established the association of friends of Byzantine Music. The Association consists of over 50 members. Most of the members are of second and third generation migrants and its mission is to teach Byzantine Music in Australia in line with the traditions of the Great Church of Christ.


For any enquiries please contact the Chairman Mr Nick Zissopoulos