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St George College

54 Rose Street, Mile End, S.A. 5031
Tel.: (08) 8159 8117, Fax: (08) 8159 8111
Email: admin@stgeorgecollege.sa.edu.au

High School
73 Rose Street, Mile End, S.A. 5031
P.O.Box 29, Torrensville Plaza, S.A. 5031
Tel.: (08) 8159 8100, Fax: (08) 8234 5942
Website: http://www.stgeorgecollege.sa.edu.au
Email: admin@stgeorgecollege.sa.edu.au

St George College, the first Greek Orthodox College in South Australia, is an independent, co-educational school catering for students from Pre-entry to Year 12. The College provides high quality education that is premised on the values, the ethos, the culture and beliefs that derive from the Orthodox faith.

Established in 1983, St George College operates under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and overall responsibility for the College rests with the Greek Orthodox Community-Parish of St George Thebarton and Western Suburbs Inc in Adelaide, South Australia.

A Board of Governors appointed by His Eminence, Archbishop Stylianos, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia on the recommendation of the Executive Committee of the Community-Parish of St George Thebarton and Western Suburbs Inc has responsibility for the governance of the College, including:

• The determination of its mission, purpose, ethos and culture.

• The selection, support for and performance assessment of the Principal.

• The determination of its goals and objectives, including the development of strategic planning for their achievement.

• Effective financial, capital and human resource planning that ensures the achievement of the mission and priorities of the College.

• The development of policies and practices that ensure legal and ethical compliance with a focus on transparent accountability.

Since its establishment St George College has increased both its enrolments and the range of year levels offered. In 1984, 31 students in Years 1 to 3 attended the College while in 2005 some 670 students from Pre-entry to Year 12 attend St George College. Similarly the College has expanded its facilities to include:

• Two campuses with all the required facilities for effective curriculum delivery appropriate to the teaching and learning needs and interests of students who are being prepared for further study and/or the world of work in ways that are appropriate to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

• A Pre-entry to Year 2 Junior School Campus that was officially opened in July 2001 and has state-of-the-art classrooms, library, information technology centre, arts facilities and dedicated spaces for small group teaching and learning activities for students with particular learning needs and interests.

• A recently completed Performing Arts and Sports Centre equipped to accommodate the learning and teaching needs of our drama curriculum including our school drama productions as well as meeting the needs for the delivery of a comprehensive physical education curriculum.

• Information Technology Centres specifically dedicated to meet the learning needs of students in the primary and middle years of schooling and the needs of students in the senior years of schooling.

• A newly refurbished Science Laboratory and a new Music Suite.

The substantial growth in enrolments and year levels experienced by the College over its relatively short yet impressive history is also mirrored in the expansion of the areas from which parents choose to enrol their children at the College. The College has students who come from the whole of the Adelaide metropolitan area with approximately 37% of students living in suburbs that may easily be classified as being outside the immediate catchment areas of the College.

The Greek Orthodox identification of the College continues to predominately attract students from Greek background. A noticeable increase has been achieved in the number of students who come from families where only one parent is of Greek background. A smaller but yet encouraging increase has been achieved in the number of students who come from Orthodox families but not necessarily of Greek background.

This growth in the number of students, the diversity of their background, the expansion of the College's catchment areas as well as the confidence of the Board of Governors to wisely invest in the expansion of the facilities of the College can be attributed to the following factors:

• The ever increasing confidence of parents in the quality, relevance and appropriateness of education that the College offers and its potential to successfully meet the future needs and aspirations of their children.

• The desire of parents to educate their children in an environment that values, affirms, nurtures and supports their linguistic, cultural and religious identity especially as bilingual Orthodox Australians.

• The strong commitment of parents to maintain and further develop the Modern Greek language particularly within the context of an ever-increasing number of marriages between Greek and non-Greek background Australians.

• The substantial capital expenditure undertaken by the Board of Governors that has led to improved teaching and learning facilities has increased parental confidence in the capacity of the College to plan for and provide high quality education within a safe, supportive and aesthetically pleasing environment.

• The impressive academic achievements of our Year 12 students has affirmed the College's ability to plan for and provide excellence in education and has increased parental confidence in the effectiveness of the teaching and learning programs offered by the College.

The increased social, cultural and linguistic diversity of our College community remains an important goal of St George College as it is an additional critical indicator of our commitment to the principles and dynamism of a multicultural Australia.

The planned and sustained efforts of the Board of Governors together with the quality partnership that exists with our parent Community and Parish of St George Thebarton and Western Suburbs, the staff and the parents of our College have provided the most appropriate foundations upon which the College can continue to build its future with confidence and success.


St Spyridon Primary

52 Oxford Terrace, Unley S.A. 5061, P.O.Box 74 Unley SA 5061
Tel.: (08) 8272 1655, Fax: (08) 8272 1677