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St Anargiri College

St Anargiri College
77-81 Willesden Rd, Oakleigh, Vic. 3166
Tel.: (03) 9569 6128, 9529 0889, Fax: (03) 9568 6558
Website: http://www.ogoc.vic.edu.au
Email: ogoc@ogoc.vic.edu.au

The College seeks through the teaching and practice of the Greek Orthodox Faith, to create a caring and learning environment; one which tolerates and supports individual differences, values equity and justice and aims for all students to reach their full potential.

Each student is encouraged to participate fully in the school community in order to grow in knowledge, understanding and self - confidence; to become socially disciplined and responsible and tolerant of people with other beliefs and customs and thus acquire self - worth as an individual.

The pursuit of excellence is recognised as integral to the development of the "whole person" spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

The College encourages and offers

a comprehensive curriculum catering for a wide range of abilities and interests, the structuring of learning to foster motivation and engagement, explaining and establishing expectations for students that are clear, challenging and achievable and which increase the learner's own sense of enjoyment and responsibility for learning, teachers the use of new and innovative teaching strategies in classrooms, in this way fostering mutual respect and co-operation, the opportunity to teachers of professional development, collaboration, collegiality, their contribution to decision-making processes and their active participation in areas of curriculum organisation and administration, the participation and contribution of parents to the school community, the use of on-going and varied evaluation and review processes for the future planning of learning experiences and the setting of achievable school goals.

Schools philosophy and Ethos

The College is a community school with a Greek Orthodox perspective. It aims to integrate and promote the best in Australian education and culture with the finest that Hellenism and Orthodoxy have given the world. The values derived from these sources form the basis and provide the guiding principles of the schools educational philosophy and educational programme. The school places equal emphasis on the student's moral and social development as on the development of academic potential.


St John’s College

St John’s College
21-27 Railway Place, West Preston, Vic. 3072
Tel.: (03) 9480 5300, 9480 6366, Fax: (03) 9480 4314
Website: http://www.stjohnspreston.vic.edu.au
Email: principal@stjohns.vic.edu.au

Aims of the College

The aims of St. John's College are to identify and teach Christian principles of living by implementing the five pillars of St. John's College:

• Provision of a seamless P-12 Education

• Valuing the Arts - Music, Dance and Drama

• Committed to the Pastoral Care of our students

• Celebrating Language and Culture

• Learning for a Global future

St. John's College - a college that values Culture, Faith and Learning. A college that seeks to build on traditions so as to shape a future.

College Background

St John’s College is a co-educational Greek Orthodox College in the northern Melbourne suburb of Preston. It offers education to students from Preparatory to Year 12. The College prides itself on providing a caring environment together with a challenging and broad-based curriculum. The College has been established since 1979, previously on a site in North Carlton, and since 1984 at its present Preston location.

St. John’s sees the function and role of the school as the academic, social and spiritual nurturing of the child. Throughout its history St. John’s has maintained Australia’s foremost bilingual independent co-educational program. Whilst St John’s aims for high academic standards, the curriculum offers all students the opportunity to achieve their full potential. The educational program enables students to proceed to tertiary studies as well as to more specific vocational training. Highly experienced staff cater for students with special needs.