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St. Andrew’s Grammar

Primary and Secondary School
4 Hellenic Drive Dianella 6059
Western Australia P.O. Box 33350
Tel: (08) 9376 5850
Fax: (08) 9376 5859
Website: http://www.sag.wa.edu.au
Email: admin@sag.wa.edu.au

Mission Statement

The mission of St. Andrew’s Grammar is to educate children academically, culturally, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually, thereby enabling each child to fulfill his/her potential and contribute to the development of our community and society.

A Brief History

At a Special General Meeting of the members of the Hellenic Community of WA Inc. held in August 1990, a Deed of Agreement for the establishment of St. Andrew's College was authorised and subsequently signed by the Hellenic Community of WA Inc. and the Greek P & C Association of WA.

The inaugural School Board was formed in September 1990 and the School was commenced in January 1991 with 7 pupils in temporary school accommodation made available by the State Ministry of Education at the North Morley Primary School.

The construction of the first module of St. Andrew's College (later renamed Grammar) building on the 27-acre site acquired from the State Government at Meadowbrook Boulevard, Dianella was completed at the end of April 1991. The students were moved from their temporary accommodation into the new School building from the beginning of the second school term on 29 April 1991. At this stage the student number had increased to 22.

The inaugural Chairman of the School Board was Mr Emmanuel Petrelis and the inaugural Principal, Mr Roy Browning. The School grew steadily over the next few years prompting the development of Stage 2, being three extra classrooms and one room purposely designed as an art/craft room. This block was completed in July 1994.

At the end of that year enrolments were 112 and the Principal Mr Roy Browning retired. He was

succeeded by Mr Graham Badge who came to the School with many years’ experience of leadership in independent schools.

In 1995 the School flourished with ever increasing enrolments. The introduction of the four houses and inaugural house captains and establishing close links with the independent sector heralded a “new look” St. Andrew's Grammar. By the end of 1995 numbers had swelled to 197 confirmed enrolments. Plans for a new Pre-primary Centre were well advanced and discussions for the introduction of secondary education also high on the agenda.

1999 and 2000 heralded years of consolidation. Numbers continued to grow rapidly. The School re-registered as an institution accepting overseas students and ten children entered the School under this category. The long-awaited Basketball/Tennis Courts were completed and in use by Term 3, 1999.

The planning, approval and building of Stage 1 of the Middle School was achieved through the raising of over $800,000 in pledges and by the close of the 2000 School year the population had swelled to 222 students. Nearly 100% growth in the short space of two years!

The year 2000 was celebrated as the School’s 10th Anniversary with a “Fair” which saw strong community support and a growing acceptance of the School as a quality educational institution.

Dr John Kennard took over the reigns as the School’s third principal in January 2002 and the year started with an enrolment of 267. Dr Kennard brought to the School many years experience in independent schools in Australia and overseas. Dr Kennard has the mission to consolidate enrolments across all years and to build the School through to Year 12.

The construction of Stage 2 of the Middle School in 2003 brought new facilities for Art & Design, Computing, Home Economics and additional classroom space.

St. Andrew’s Grammar commenced 2004 with an enrolment of 360. The first group of Year 11s have commenced studies Plans are currently being drawn up for Stage 3 of the building program with the construction of a new Kindergarten, additional classrooms in the Junior School, and the commencement of teaching spaces in the Senior School.