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Coping with Life's Struggles: Unemployment

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The experience of unemployment brings with it many losses, as well as physical and mental health problems. Satisfactory employment has many benefits that unemployed people maybe denied. These benefits are firstly financial, but equally important are the assignment of identity and status, the increased social contact, being part of a collective purpose and joint effort, and being able to engage in regular activity.

The substantial cuts to income that many unemployed people face may result in changes to lifestyle and impact on family. Poverty maybe an outcome of unemployment and it affects physical and psychological well-being. It also reduces confidence and restricts personal empowerment.

Loss of income and resulting poverty can be especially psychologically destructive for adults, as they are likely to have financial and family commitments. For young people, failure to find satisfactory employment may adversely affect their psychological development and have negative long term consequences.

The lowered self-confidence associated with unemployment can reduce the number and types of jobs applied for, restrict the uptake of training, and inhibit engagement in self-employment.
Lack of confidence may lead to low levels of commitment, motivation and effort. Perseverance will be low, and, in particular, the capacity to persist with an activity in the face of setbacks or adversity will be greatly reduced.

Unemployed people with poor self-confidence will timidly pursue occupational possibilities, and are likely to desist altogether in the face of repeated failures. This pattern will repeat itself in other areas of these people''s lives, impinging on their ability to cope with their financial commitments and their social and family life.

If you are struggling with the debilitating effects of unemployment, please see your local GP for a referral, a counsellor. For emotional support through this difficult time, you may contact the Greek Welfare Centre.

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