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Commemorated on March 29th

St Eustathios the Confessor and Bishop of Bithynia

Christ 2nd April

St Eustathios the Confessor and Bishop of Bithynia was already at the beginning of his spiritual struggle a pious monk, meek and wise, filled with great faith and love for his neighbour. For his virtuous life, he was made Bishop of the city of Bithynia in the Roman province of northwest Asia Minor, and for many years he guided his flock, giving them an example of virtuous life and perfection.

During the Iconoclast heresy, St Eustathios boldly came out against the heretics and defended the veneration of holy icons. Iconoclasts denounced him to the emperor, and the Saint suffered imprisonment and fierce beatings. Finally, they deprived St Eustathios of his See and sent him to prison.

The holy confessor died in exile during the ninth century, after suffering insults, deprivation, hunger, and want for three years.