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Commemorated on March 15th

The Holy Martyr Agapios and his Companions

Agapios_the_Martyr_&_his_ Companions 15th Mar

The Holy Martyr Agapios and his Companions contested for piety's sake during the reign of Diocletian (284-305 AD), when Urban was Governor of Caesarea in Palestine. When Urban had commanded that together with a heathen festival, certain condemned Christians be publicly cast to wild beasts, Timolaus, a native of Pontus, Dionysios of Tripolis in Phoenicia, Romulos of Diospolis, Plesios (or Paisios) and Alexander from Egypt, and another Alexander from Gaza, tied their own hands and presented themselves to Urban when the exhibition was about to begin, professing their faith in Christ; they were immediately cast into prison. A few days later Agapios and Dionysios also presented themselves. All were beheaded together at Caesarea.

Dismissal Hymn of the Martyrs (First Tone)

The soldiers standing guard

Let all us all entreat Christ the Lord's holy Martyrs, for they make supplication for our souls' salvation; with faith and with longing, therefore, let us draw near to them, for they overflow with the divine grace of healing, and they drive away the ranks of demons in terror, as guardians of the Faith.