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Commemorated on March 26th

Synaxis of Archangel Gabriel

Synaxis_of_Archangel_Gabriel 26th Mar

This festive Synaxis is celebrated to the glory of the Archangel Gabriel, since he ministered to the marvellous mystery of God's incarnate dispensation.

Dismissal Hymn (Fourth Tone)

O Commanders of the Heavenly Host, we the unworthy beseech you, that through your entreaties you will fortify us, guarding us in the shelter of the wings of your ethereal glory, even as we fervently bow before you crying, "Deliver us from all danger, as Commanders of the Powers on high!"

Kontakion (Fourth Tone)

Supreme Commander of God and minister of the Divine glory, guide of men and leader of the bodiless hosts: Ask for what is to our profit and for great mercy, since you are Supreme Commander of the bodiless hosts.