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Commemorated on March 31st

Holy Hieromartyr Hypatios the Wonderworker


St Hypatios, who was from Cilicia of Asia Minor, became Bishop of Gangra, the capital of Paplagonia. He was present at the First Ecumenical Synod (Council). Because of his confession of the Orthodox Faith, he was put to death by the Novatians, a sect that denied that sins committed after Baptism could be forgiven.

Dismissal Hymn (First Tone)

You proved to be a citizen of the desert, an angel in the flesh, and a wonderworker, O Hypatios, our God-bearing Father. By fasting, vigil, and prayer you obtained heavenly gifts, and you heal the sick and the souls of them that have recourse to you with faith. Glory to Him that has given you strength. Glory to him that has crowned you. Glory to Him that works healing for all through you.

Kontakion (Third Tone)

Celebrating blamelessly the sacred rites, O Hypatios, you greatly multiply the talent that you were given; and when you strived in contest, you were presented as a godly sacrifice and holy first-fruits to Him that glorified you with signs and wonders that tongue of man cannot tell.