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Commemorated on June 20th

St Methodios the Martyr, Bishop of Olympus

Methodios the Martyr, Bishop of Olympus 20th Jun

Because of his wisdom and virtue, St Methodios was surnamed Eubulos ("of good counsel"). He was an eminent theologian and one of the first to oppose and refute the heretical writings of Origen. According to Jerome and Socrates the historian, he was Bishop, not of Patara (as a sixth century work by Leontius the Byzantine wrongly asserts), but of Olympus in Lycia, and later, of Tyre in Phoenicia. It appears later writers called him Bishop of Patara, because his famous dialogue concerning the resurrection takes place in that city. He underwent a glorious death as a martyr in Chalkis of Greece in the year 311 AD, under Emperor Maximinus. Among his extant writings is one called Symposium of Virgins.

Dismissal Hymn for St Methodios (Fourth Tone)

As a sharer of the ways and a successor to the throne of the Apostles, O inspired of God, you found discipline to be a means of ascent to divine vision. Wherefore, having rightly divided the word of truth, you also contested for the Faith even to blood, O Hieromartyr Methodios. Intercede with Christ our God that our souls be saved.

Kontakion (Fourth Tone)

As a priest of the mysteries of the Holy Trinity, and a preacher of the commandments of God that surpass understanding, you were the confirmation of Orthodox Christians, O Methodios! You denounced the errors of heretics; for the sake of the True Faith you shed your blood as a hieromartyr. Now as you stand before Christ with the angels, pray that we may be saved.