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Commemorated on November 18th

Holy Martyr Romanos


St Romanos lived during the reign of Maximian in Antioch. He presented himself before Asclepiades the Eparch, and rebuked him, saying, "The idols are not gods; even a little child could tell you that". Then the Saint asked that a child be brought in from the market, that he might be the judge of the matter at hand. Therefore, when the child was asked, "Which God must we worship?" he replied, "Christ". The child was beaten mercilessly and beheaded at the command of the tyrant. As for St Romanos, his tongue was cut out, and then he was cast into prison, where he was strangled in the year 305 AD.

Kontakion (Fourth Tone)

O all-lauded Romanus, since the Church has you as a bright, majestic star, She is now guided by the light of your great contests, and She praises and glorifies your all-luminous memory.