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Commemorated on December 1st

St Philaret the Almsgiver of Constantinople

Philaret_the_Merciful_of_Amnia 1st Dec

St Philaret, a native of Paphlagonia in Asia Minor, was a virtuous Christian layman who lived in lawful wedlock and raised a family. He was most renowned for his generosity to all in need. With the permission of God, in a short space of time he lost the greater part of his possessions to theft and other misfortunes and was left with nothing but his family, his home, and a little livestock. Yet he continued to give generously to the poor despite the faint-heartedness of his family, who reproached him for giving alms when they were in need themselves; and God, seeing his faith, restored his prosperity to him many times over. He foresaw the day of his death, and reposed in an odour of sanctity in Constantinople in 789 AD.

Dismissal Hymn of St Philaret (Third Tone)

Your confession

From the inner wealth of a divine faith, you dealt your riches to the needy; and your works of compassion have glorified Christ, the Bestower of mercy, O Philaret; for your whole life was adorned with a love like His. Intercede for us, O Almsgiver, that He richly grant great mercy and compassion unto us, the poor.

Kontakion of the Prophet (Fourth Tone)

On this day You have appeared

Your pure heart, illumined by the Holy Spirit, was a sacred vessel of resplendent prophecy, for you saw things far off as close at hand. Hence we revere you, blest Nahum most glorious.

Kontakion of St Philaret (Plagal of Fourth Tone)

To you, the Champion Leader

In all temptations, you had Job's courageous manliness, and in your mercy you gave your riches to the poor, being truly a living fountain of almsgiving. By the holy way of life that you have shown to us, you also gladden all that cry to you with love: Rejoice, O Philaret, faithful servant of Christ our God.