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Commemorated on December 11th

Our Righteous Father Daniel the Stylite


St Daniel the Stylite was from the village of Marutha in the region of Samosata in Mesopotamia. He became a monk at the age of 20. After visiting St Symeon the Stylite (see September 1) and receiving his blessing, he was moved with zeal to follow his marvellous way of life. At the age of 42, he came to Anaplus in the environs of Constantinople, in the days of the holy Patriarch Anatolius, who was also healed by St Daniel of a very grave malady and sought to have him live near him. Upon coming to Anaplus, St Daniel first lived in the church of the Archangel Michael, but after some nine years, St Symeon the Stylite appeared to him in a vision, commanding him to imitate his own ascetical struggle upon a pillar.

The remaining 33 years of his life he stood for varying periods on three pillars, one after another. He stood immovable in all weather, and once his disciples found him covered with ice after a winter storm. He was a counsellor of emperors; the pious Emperor Leo the Great fervently loved him and brought his royal guests to meet him. It was at St Daniel's word that the holy relics of St Symeon the Stylite were brought to Constantinople from Antioch, and it was in his days that the Emperor Leo had the relics of the Three Holy Children brought from Babylon. St Daniel also defended the Church against the error of the Eutychians.

Having lived through the reigns of the Emperors Leo, Zeno, and Basiliscus, he reposed in 490 AD, at the age of 84.

Dismissal Hymn

You became a pillar of patience and emulated the Forefathers, O righteous one: Job in his sufferings, Joseph in temptations, and the life of the bodiless while in the body. O Daniel, our righteous Father, intercede with Christ God that our souls be saved.


You sought the heights

With longing and zeal for things on high, O righteous one, you left behind all things that are found here below, when you built your pillar as another Heaven whence you blaze with the light of wonders and signs. Continuous pray to Christ that our souls be saved.