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Commemorated on December 24th

The Holy Righteous Martyr Eugenia and her parents Philip and Claudia

Eugenia the Righteous 24th Dec

St Eugenia was the daughter of most distinguished and noble parents named Philip and Claudia. Philip, a Prefect of Rome, moved to Alexandria with his family. In Alexandria, Eugenia had the occasion to learn the Christian Faith, in particular, when she encountered the Epistles of St Paul, the reading of which filled her with compunction and showed her clearly the vanity of the world. Secretly taking two of her servants, Protas and Hyacinth, she departed from Alexandria by night. Disguised as a man, she called herself Eugene while pretending to be a eunuch, and departed with her servants and took up the monastic life in a monastery of men. Her parents mourned for her, but could not find hen After St Eugenia had laboured for some time in the monastic life, a certain woman named Melanthia, thinking Eugenia to be a monk, conceived lust and constrained Eugenia to comply with her desire; when Eugenia refused, Melanthia slandered Eugenia to the Prefect as having done insult to her honour. Eugenia was brought before the Prefect, her own father Philip, and revealed to him both that she was innocent of the accusations, and that she was his own daughter.

Through this, Philip became a Christian; he was afterwards beheaded at Alexandria. Eugenia was taken back to Rome with Protas and Hyacinth. All three of them ended their life in martyrdom in the years of Commodus, who reigned from 180 to 192 AD.

Dismissal Hymn of the Eve of the Nativity

Joseph was amazed

A the fruit of David's seed, Mary was registered of old with the Elder Joseph in the little town of Bethlehem, when she conceived with a seedless and pure conception. Behold, the time was come that she should bear her Child, but no place was found within the inn for them; yet the cave proved a delightful palace for the pure Lady and Queen of all. For Christ is born now to raise the image that had fallen aforetime.

Dismissal Hymn of the Martyr

Your confession

Being mystically moved by the Spirit, you sang God's praise, thereby receiving the clear light of divine knowledge in you heart; and shining bright as the sun with a righteous life, you overcame the devil in martyrdom. O Eugenia, most glorious Martyr of the Lord, entreat Christ God to grant great mercy to us.

Kontakion of the Eve of the Nativity

On this day the Virgin comes to the cave to give birth to God the Word ineffably, Who was before all the ages. Dance for joy, O earth, on hearing the gladsome tidings; with the Angels and the shepherds now glorify Him Who is willing to be gazed on as a young Child Who before the ages is God.

Kontakion of the Martyr

On this day You have appeared

Fleeing from the fleeting world's temporal glory, you greatly longed for Christ, and preserved wholly unhurt the high nobility of you soul, O godly Martyr, all-lauded Eugenia.