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Commemorated on January 15th

Our Righteous Fathers Paul of Thebes

St Paul Of Thebas 15th Jan

St Paul, first among hermits, was born about 227 AD in the Thebaid of Egypt. In 250 AD, he fled into the wilderness because of the persecution raging at that time under Decius. Having lived a solitary life in a certain cave for 91 years, he reposed in 341 AD, at the age of 114 and was buried by St Anthony the Great, who had been directed their by God several days before the Saint's repose.

Dismissal Hymn of St Paul (Plagal of Fourth Tone)

With the streams of your tears, you cultivated the barrenness of the desert; and by your sighing from the depths, you beared fruit a hundredfold in labours; and you became a luminary, shining with miracles upon the world, O Paul our righteous Father. Intercede with Christ God that our souls be saved.

Kontakion of St Paul (Fourth Tone)

On this day you have appeared

O faithful ones, let us all laud the divine Paul, the bright luminary that shone at the virtues' lofty height; and let us joyously cry aloud, "O Christ, You are the rejoicing of all the Saints".