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Commemorated on April 27th

St Symeon the Holy Martyr

The Mandylion 4th April

St Symeon was a first cousin of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was the son of Clopas (or Cleopas, also called Alphaeus), the brother of Joseph the Betrothed. He became the second Bishop of Jerusalem, as a successor to James the Brother of God. He ended his life when he was crucified during the reign of Trajan, in 107 AD, at the age of 120.

Dismissal Hymn (First Tone)

We sacredly acclaim you as Jesus Christ's kinsman, and as His steadfast Martyr, O all-lauded Hierarch. For bravely you have destroyed all deception and kept the faith. Hence, O Symeon, we keep your holy remembrance on this festive day; and by your prayers, we are granted the pardon of grievous sins.

Kontakion (Fourth Tone)

Since the Church has Symeon, the God-proclaimer, as a great and shining star, She is now guided by his light as She cries out in joy today: Rejoice, O venerable summit of martyred Saints.