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1 Sun

Sts Cosmas and Damianos the Holy Unmercenaries, and their mother Theodota

2 Mon


Domna & Kyriaki

Sts Akindynos, Pegasios, Aphthonios, Elpidephoros, and Anempodistos of Persia

3 Tue

Sts Acepsimas the Bishop, Joseph the Presbyter, and Aeithalas the Deacon, Martyrs of Persia

Dedication of the Temple of the Holy Great Martyr George in Lydia

George of Neapolis the New Martyr

Holy Father and New Hieromartyr Gregory of Neapolis

4 WedStrict Fast

St Ioannikos the Great

Nikandros, Bishop of Myra

5 Thu

Apostle Hermes

Galaktion & his wife Episteme, the Martyrs of Emesa

6 FriStrict Fast


Paul the Simple

St Paul the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople

7 Sat

St Lazarus the Wonderworker

33 Martyrs of Melitene

Alexander the Martyr of Thessaloniki

Martyr Athenodoros

8 Sun

Synaxis of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel

9 Mon

St Nektarios the Wonderworker, Metropolitan of Pentapolis

Symeon the Translator

Onesiphoros and Porphyrios of Ephesus

Matrona, Abbess of Constantinople

Theoctiste of the Isle of Lesbos

10 Tue

Holy Father Arsenios of Cappadocia

Orestes the Martyr of Cappadocia

Erastos, Olympas, Herodion, Sosipatros, Quartus, Tertios, Apostles of the 70

Our Holy Father Gregory, Bishop of Assa

11 WedStrict Fast

Martyrs Vicar, Vincent and Stephanie

St Menas of Egypt

Theodore the Studite

12 Thu

John the Merciful, Patriarch of Alexandria

Nilos the Ascetic of Sinai

13 FriOil & Wine Allowed

St John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople

Damaskinos the New Martyr of Mount Athos

14 Sat

Holy Apostle Philip

Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessaloniki

Holy Great New Martyr Constantine of Hydra

15 SunFish Allowed

Sts Gurias, Samonas, and Avivos, Martyrs and Confessors of Edessa

Thomas, Archbishop of Constantinople

16 MonFish Allowed

Holy Apostle Matthew

17 TueFish Allowed


Gregory the Wonderworker & Bishop of Neo-Caesarea

Gennadios I, Patriarch of Constantinople

18 WedStrict Fast

Holy Martyr Romanos

Anastasios the New Martyr

Plato the Great Martyr of Ancyra

Zaccheus the Deacon

19 ThuFish Allowed

Obadiah the Prophet

Barlaam of Caesarea

20 FriStrict Fast

St Gregory the Righteous of Decapolis

Proclos, Archbishop of Constantinople

21 SatFish Allowed


22 SunFish Allowed

St Archippos the Apostle, St Philemon the Apostle and his wife St Apphia, and St Onesimos of the Seventy

Holy Martyr Cecilia

23 MonFish Allowed

Amphilochios, Bishop of Iconium

Gregory, Bishop of Agrigentum

Ischyrion, Bishop of Egypt

24 TueFish Allowed

St Clement of Rome

Hermogenes, the Martyr

Peter, Archbishop of Alexandria

25 WedOil & Wine Allowed

Great Martyr St Katherine

Mercurios the Great Martyr of Caesarea in Cappadocia

26 ThuFish Allowed

St Stylianos of Paphlagonia

Alypios the Stylite of Adrianopolis

George the New Martyr of Chios

27 FriStrict Fast


St James the Great Martyr of Persia

28 SatFish Allowed

St Stephen the New

Auxentius, 16 Martyrs of Tiberioupolis

Irenarchos & his Companion Martyrs at Sebaste

29 SunFish Allowed

Sts Paramonus, Philumenus, and their 370 Companion Martyrs in Bithynia

Akakios of Sinai who is mentioned in The Ladder

Dionysios, Bishop of Corinth

Our Righteous Father Nicholas, Archbishop of Thessolonica

30 MonFish Allowed

St Andrew the Apostle, the First-Called

Froumentios, Archbishop of Abyssina