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1 FriOil & Wine Allowed

Jeremiah the Prophet

Ignatios, & Euthemios the New Martyr

New Martyr Maria of Fourna, Mirabella in Crete

Nikiforos the Monk of Chios

2 Sat

Hesperos & Zoe the Righteous

Jordan the Wonderworker

Removal of the Relics of St. Athanasios the Great

3 Sun

Sunday of the Paralytic

Martyrs Timothy & Maura, Xeni

4 Mon

Athanasios, Bishop of Corinth

Euthemios, Bishop of Madytos

Pelagia the Nun-martyr of Tarsus

5 Tue

Irene the great Martyr of Thessaloniki

Ephraim the wonderworker

Neophytos, Gaius, & Caianus the Monk-martyrs

6 WedFish Allowed


The Prophet Job

Our Holy Father Seraphim the Struggler of Mt. Domvu

7 Thu

Appearance of the Precious Cross in the sky over Jerusalem in 351 AD

Akakios the Centurion of Byzantium

Pachomios the New Martyr of Patmos

Repose of St. Nilus, abbot of Sora

St. Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem

8 FriOil & Wine Allowed

St John the Apostle, Evangelist, and Theologian

Arsenios the Great

Emelia, mother of St. Basil the Great

9 Sat

Isaiah the Prophet

Christopher the Martyr of Lycea

Epimachos the New Martyr of Alexandria

Monk-martyr Nicholas who lived in Vuneni, of Larissa in Thessaly

10 Sun

Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

St Simon the Zealot and Apostle

Isodora of Egypt

Laurence of Egypt

11 Mon

Methodios & Cyril, Equal-to-the Apostles Illuminators of the Slavs

Mokios the Holy Martyr

Theopemptos the Martyr & his Companions

12 Tue

St Epiphanios, Bishop of Cyprus

Germanos, Patriarch of Constantinople

Theodorus the Righteous of Cythera

13 WedOil & Wine Allowed

Martyr Glykeria

Sergios the Confessor

14 Thu

Holy Hieromartyr Therapontos

St Isidore the Martyr of Chios

Holy New Martyrs Mark and John

Serapion the Holy Martyr

15 FriOil & Wine Allowed

Achilles, Bishop of Larissa

Andrew the Hermit & Wonderworker

Barbaros the Myrrhbearer of Kerkyra

Pachomios the Great Martyr

16 Sat

Theodoros the Sanctified

Alexandros, Archbishop of Jerusalem

New Martyr Nicholas of Metsovos

17 Sun

Sunday of the Blind Man

St Andronikos the Apostle of the Seventy and Junia the Martyr

Athanasios, Archbishop of Christianopolis

Holy Godbearing Nectarios, the Builder of the Holy Monastery of Varlaam of Meteora

Theodotos the Martyr of Ancyra & the 7 Virgin-martyrs

18 Mon

Holy Martyrs: Peter, Dionysius, Andrew, Paul, Christina, Heracles, Paulinus and Benedimus

Euphrasia the Martyr of Nicea

Julian the Martyr

19 Tue

St Patrick the Hieromartyr and Bishop of Proussa and his Companions

Our Righteous Father Memnonus the Wonderworker

Theotima & Kyriake the Martyrs

20 WedFish Allowed

Dismissal Feast of Pascha

Martyr Thalalaios and his Companions

Mark the Hermit

21 Thu


Sts Constantine and Helen

Pachomios the Righteous New Martyr

22 FriOil & Wine Allowed

St Vasilikos the Martyr, Bishop of Comana

Holy New Martyrs Demetrius and Paul of Tripoli

John-Vladimir, Ruler of Serbia

23 Sat

St Michael the Confessor, Bishop of Synadon

Mary the Myrrhbearer & wife of Cleopas

Meletios the Commander & his Companion Martyrs

24 Sun

Fathers of the 1st Council

St Symeon the Stylite

St Hilarion

25 Mon

Third Finding of the Precious Head of St. John the Baptist

26 Tue

St Carpos and St Alphaeus, Apostles of the Seventy

27 WedOil & Wine Allowed

John the Russian of Evia

Holy Glorious Hieromartyr Alladius

Theodora the Virgin-martyr & Didymos the Martyr

28 Thu

Eutechios, Bishop of Mytilene

Zacharias the New Martyr

Helikonis the Martyr

Heladios the Hieromartyr of the East

Nikitas, Bishop of Chalcedon

29 FriOil & Wine Allowed

St Theodosia the Virgin-martyr of Tyre, and Virgin-martyr Theodosia of Constantinople

Andrew the New Martyr of Argentes

John of Smyrna the New Martyr

30 Sat

Saturday of Souls

St Isaakios founder of the Monastery of Dalmatos

Barlaam the Monk of Caesarea

Macrina, grandmother of St. Basil the Great

Natalios the Martyr

31 Sun

Holy Pentecost

St Hermias the Martyr at Comana

Eusebios and Haralambos the Monk-Martyrs