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1 FriStrict Fast

Holy Martyr Tryphon

Anastasios the New Martyr of Navplion

Our Holy Father Basil, Archbishop of Thessolonica

Perpetua & her Companions

Timothy the Confessor

2 Sat


Agathadoros the Martyr of Cappadocia

Gabriel the New Martyr of Constantinople

Jordan the New Martyr

3 Sun

Synaxis of the Holy and Righteous Symeon the God-Receiver and the Holy Prophetess Anna

Stamatios, John, & Nicholas, New Martyrs of Chios

Nicholas, Archbishop & Enlightener of Japan

4 Mon

Our Righteous Father Isidore of Mount Pelusium

Nicholas the Confessor

Hieromartyr Abramius

John the Righteous, Bishop of Irinopolis

Joseph the New Martyr of Aleppo

Theodosios the Righteous

5 Tue

Holy Martyr Agatha

Polyeuktos, Partriarch Of Constantinople

Antonios the New Martyr of Athens

6 WedStrict Fast

Aprionus of Cyprus

Photios the Great - Patriarch of Constantinople

Bucolos Bishop of Smyrna

7 Thu

St Parthenios, Bishop of Lampsacos & Luke the Rightous of Greece

George the New Martyr of Crete

Holy Father Sabba of Kalymnos

Theopemptos the Martyr & his Companions

8 FriStrict Fast

Holy Great Martyr Theodore the Commander & The Holy Prophet Zechariah

9 Sat

Holy Martyr Nicephoros

Markellos, Philagrios, & Pankratios the Hieromartyrs

Pancratios Bishop Of Tauromenia Sicily

10 Sun

St Haralambos the Hieromartyr

Anastasios of Jerusalem

11 Mon

The Hieromartyr Blasios Bishop of Sebaste

Finding of the relics of Zachariah the Prophet, Father of the Holy Forerunner

Theodora the Empress

12 Tue

Saints Meletios the Great, Archbishop of Antioch

Antonios, Archbishop of Constantinople

Christos the New Martyr

13 WedStrict Fast

Father Martinianos of Palestine. Saint Symeon the Myrrh-streamer

Aquilla & Priscilla the Apostles

Eulogios, Patriarch of Alexandria

Martinianos the Righteous

14 Thu

Auxentios The Righteous

Cyril, Equal-to-the-Apostles & Teacher of the Slavs

Nicholas the New Martyr of Corinth

15 FriStrict Fast

Anthimos Elder of Chios

Eusebius the Righteous of Syria

Onesimus the Apostle of the 70

16 Sat

Holy Martyr Pamphilios and those with him

Flavianos, Patriarch of Constantinople

Romanos the Younger

17 Sun

Holy Great Martyr Theodore the Tyro

Mariamne, sister of Apostle Philip

Righteous Auxentius, Pious Kings Marclanus and Pulcherias

Theodore the New Martyr of Byzantium

18 Mon

St Leo the Great, Pope of Rome

Agapetos the Confessor, Bishop of Sinai

Flavian the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople

19 Tue

Holy Righteous Martyr Philothei of Athens.

Nikitas the Younger

Philemon & Archippos Apostles of the 70

20 WedStrict Fast

St Leo, Bishop of Catania in Sicily

Agathos, Pope of Rome

Bessarion the Great

21 Thu

Eustathios of Antioch

Timothy of Symbola

John the Scholastic

St Zacharias Patriarch of Jerusalem.

22 FriStrict Fast

Finding of the Precious Relics of the Holy Martyrs of Eugenios

Anthousa the Martyr & her 12 Servants

Our Righteous Fathers Thalassios and Baradatos

23 Sat

St Polycarp

Damian the New Martyr of Mount Athos

Gorgonia the Righteous, sister of Gregory the Theologian

Proterios, Archbishop of Alexandria

24 Sun

First and Second Finding of the Venerable Head of John the Forerunner

25 Mon

St Tarasios, Patriarch of Constantinople

Reginos, Bishop of Skopelos

Holy Martyr Alexander of Thrace

Markellos, Bishop of Apamea

26 Tue

Overview of Saints

Porphyrios, Bishop of Gaza

John Claphas the new Martyr

Holy Martyr Theocletus

27 WedStrict Fast

Prokopios of Decapolis, the Confessor

Stephen the monk nurse of the elders

28 Thu

St Basil the Confessor

Kyranna the New Martyr of Thessaloniki