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1 FriStrict Fast

The Holy Seven Maccabees

Timothy the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Priconissus

St Elessa the Martyr

2 SatOil & Wine Allowed

Translation of the Relics of St Stephen the Protomartyr

Holy Glorious New Martyr Theodore of Dardanelles

Phocas the Martyr

3 SunOil & Wine Allowed

Sts Isaacius, Dalmatus, and Faustus, Ascetics of the Dalmation Monastery

Salome the Holy Myrrhbearer

Theoctistus the Wonderworker

4 MonStrict Fast

Transfer of the Relics of Evdokia

Seven Holy Youths of Ephesus

5 TueStrict Fast

Nona (mother of St Gregory the Theologian)

The Holy Martyr Eusignius

Our Righteous Father Eugene of Aitola

6 WedFish Allowed


7 ThuStrict Fast

Martyr Dometios of Persia, and St Dometios of Philotheou Monastery

Our Holy Father Nicanorus the Wonderworker

Narcissos the Hieromartyr of Jerusalem

Sozon of Nicomedea

The Holy Ten Thousand Ascetics of Thebes

Theodosios the New

8 FriStrict Fast

Myron Of Crete

Emilian the Confessor

Gregory of Sinai and Mount Athos

Holy New Martyrs Triantaphillus of Zagoras and Anastasius of Thessolonica

9 SatOil & Wine Allowed

St Matthias, Apostle of the Seventy

Anthony the Martyr of Alexandria

10 SunOil & Wine Allowed

St Laurence the Holy Martyr and Archdeacon of Rome

Chitus of Athens, Bishop of Rome

Hippolytos the Martyr of Rome

11 MonStrict Fast

St Niphonus the Patriarch of Constantinople

Commemoration of St. Spyridon''s Miracle in Corfu against the Turkish invasion of 1716

Euplus the Holy Martyr & Archdeacon of Cantania

12 TueStrict Fast

Martyrs Aniketos and Photios of Nicomedia

Soldier-martyrs of Crete

Sergios & Stephen the Monks

13 WedStrict Fast

Transfer of the Relics of St Maximos the Confessor

Apodosis of Transfiguration

Dorotheos, Abba of Gaza

14 ThuStrict Fast

Micah the Prophet

Hieromartyr Marcellus, Bishop of Apameia

New Martyr Symeon of Trapezoundos

15 FriFish Allowed


16 Sat

St Stamatios the Neomartyr

Diomedes the Physician & Martyr of Tarsus

Gerasimos the New Ascetic of Cephalonia

Nicodemos the New Martyr of Meteora

Translation of the Image of Our Lord and God and Savior, Jesus Christ

17 Sun

Martyr Myron

Straton and Philip

Sts Eutychlos and Eutychlanos Cassiane

18 Mon

Sts Floros and Lauros the Monk-martyrs of Illyria

John & George, Patriarchs of Constantinople

Relics of Arsenios the Righteous of Paros

19 Tue

Martyr Andrew Stratelates, and his 2593 soldiers

Holy Martyrs Timothy, Agapius and Thecla

Theophanes the New Wonderworker of Macedonia

20 WedStrict Fast

Samuel the Prophet

Holy Martyr Luke of Bouleutos

21 Thu

Thaddaeus the Apostle of the 70

Bassa the Martyr of Edessa & her sons Theogonios, Agapios & Pistos

22 FriStrict Fast

St Agathonikos the Martyr of Nicomedea and his Companion Martyrs

Athanasios the Hieromartyr & Bishop of Tarsos

Holy Martyr Anthose

23 Sat

Apodosis of the Dormition

24 Sun

St Kosmas of Aitolia

Eutyches the Hieromartyr & Disciple of St. John the Theologian

Removal of the Relics of Dionysios of Zakynthos, Bishop of Aegina

25 Mon

Apostle Titus

Bishop Gortyne of Crete, Disciple of the Holy Apostle Paul

John the Cappadocian & Epiphanius, Patriarchs of Constantinople

26 Tue

Sts Adrian and Natalia the Martyrs, and their thirty three Companion Martyrs in Nicomedea

Our Righteous Father Joseph

27 WedStrict Fast

St Poimen the Great

Phanourios the Great Martyr & Newly Appeared of Rhodes

28 Thu

St Moses the Ethiopian of Scete

Diomedes & Laurence the Martyrs

33 Martyrs of Nicomedea

29 FriStrict Fast

Beheading of John the Forerunner

Anastasios the New Martyr of Bulgaria

Theodora of Thessaloniki

30 Sat

Paul & John

St Alexander Patriarch of Constantinople

31 Sun

Placing of the Honorable Sash of the Most Holy Theotokos