Third Finding of the Precious Head of St John the Baptist

25-05-2016 All day
Repeat every year in May on the same day until 25-05-2020

Third_Finding_of_the_Precious_Head_of_St_John_the_BaptistBecause of the vicissitudes of time, the venerable head of the holy Forerunner was lost for a third time and rediscovered in Comana of Cappadocia through a revelation to ‘a certain priest, but it was found not, as before, in a clay jar, but in a silver vessel, and “in a sacred place.” It was taken from Comana to Constantinople and was met with great solemnity by the Emperor, the Patriarch, and the clergy and people. See also February 24.

Apolytikion of Third Discovery of the Head of the Forerunner in the Fourth Tone

Christ God hath revealed to us thy truly venerable head as a divine treasure that had been concealed in the earth, O Prophet and Forerunner. Wherefore, as we gather on the feast of its finding, with our hymns inspired of God, we praise Christ the Saviour, Who by thy mighty prayers save us from every kind of harm.

Kontakion of Third Discovery of the Head of the Forerunner in the Second Tone

Since we have obtained thy head as a most sacred rose from out of the earth, O Forerunner of grace divine, we receive sure healing in every hour, O Prophet of God the Lord; for again, now as formerly, thou preachest repentance unto all the world.


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